The Haunted Garden 2013

2013 marked our 4th and last year as a yard haunt in Silver Spring, Md. It was an uphill battle to open doors as we fought our way through the court system against Montgomery County, and while we won the first round and were able to open for 2 nights, we were permanently shut down for any future events due to zoning. Thank you to all of our supporters for all your hard work and dedication. It was a great run bringing Halloween fun to the community! 


  1. If the state of the world today is that, the government can tell you that you can or cannot have a Halloween celebration at your own home, we are in big trouble. 1984 is here and I am so sorry that your Haunted Garden has been ruined by the Silver Spring Md government and a bunch of no good BUSYBODIES. One more thing ruined for the kids.

  2. Truly a sad day when I heard this is shutdown. If we remain silent so much more can happen. People are 1. jealous 2. Need something to complain about and 3. Haters/Negative

  3. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Rania!!!...You guys Won!!!.
    Honestly, i knew you would..<3333333333333333333
    Come on, who could shut down such Enchanted Beauty!?!?.

    Good Luck with the Great Pumpkin contest too!!.
    Get your speech ready!. :):):)